Our Story

Meet the Owners

My love of Jamaican cuisine began in 7th grade when I became friends with a girl whose family was of Jamaican descent. As our friendship developed, it opened my eyes to a whole different world. Over the years, my interest continued to grow as I sampled different cuisines, learned the language, and embraced the music.

While submerging myself into the Jamaican culture I met the love of my life, Steve (head chef). Steve taught me how to prepare all the dishes he loved from Jamaica. Within a year I mastered all of them. Through word of mouth I began to receive requests for my succulent curry shrimp dinners. Before I knew it, others began to inquire about what additional cuisines I prepared and how often I cooked them. Hearing this feedback was just the push I needed to move forward in pursuing my dream of cooking professionally. With the support of my husband & family I used social media to advertise the dishes I prepared. The overwhelming response was amazing and Caribbean Vybz was born. 

Steve Thomas and Kamerrin A. H. Ferguson-Thomas CEOs of Caribbean Vybz, LLC  

*** Caribbean Vybz, LLC was established in loving memory of my beloved parents, Brenda A. and Wilbur Ferguson, who always encouraged us to pour our hearts into everything we do. ***